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"Brilliant....only had 30 hours practice and passed 1st time! I have used many other driving schools including BSM & AA etc. and 'Steve Smiths Driving School' is by far the best in London. I have recommended him to all my family and friends who are currently learning to drive. Steve is a brilliant teacher....He has a lot of patience and never once made me feel nervous!

Thanks again Steve!"

"Steve is a great laugh and a good, caring instructor. He knows how to be precise and provides good goals and things to focus on each lesson. Highly recommended!"

Hanneke Talbot

"Great instructor, great guy, passed first time so he must be doing something right!"

Malcolm Perry

"I passed wiv Steve a long time ago..... He gave me every bit of confidence I could ever need..... After I had an accident whilst learning 2 drive as a teenager with another company, it took me years 2 go 4 it again and on the first lesson Steve gave me all the confidence I needed..... He passed my daughter and all other poeple I recommend 2 him..... He's the absolute best instructor and the nicest guy.....!!!!!"

Donna Wilson